Where Is The Green Sheep?

Favourite book for 2020!

 “But where is the green sheep?”  

The wonderful question running throughout Mem Fox’s delightful book.  And Judy Horacek’s fun loving illustrations had our toddlers enthralled time and time again. 

Now if you’re anything like me and love to find out more about the process of creating and writing a story, a fascinating recount of this book can be read here.

As an educator “Where is the green sheep” really offers so many topics to explore with your class & children. Plus there’s a mystery to solve!  You can extend on the book with –

  • colours
  • opposites
  • actions
  • home life
  • the weather
  • the environment
  • & transport

The options are really endless & if you search for activities on pinterest, you’ll find a buffet of cool activities. Here’s 5 of my favourites –

  1. Create a green sheep sticky wall

We created a fun sticky wall similar to this one but of course with green cotton wool balls coloured & dried with poster paint & a selection of green wool.  The adding & removing of elements on sticky walls, is a fascinating & engaging experience for young children.

2.  Create a green sheep collage –   For this activity I dyed shredded paper with green food colouring.  Then out came the glue sticks (which our toddlers love using!)  & we had shredded paper everywhere. It was great fun, pushing the shredded paper onto the glue without getting sticky!

3. Call & response – As the children grew more familiar with the story, as I turned each page they would call out the next character.  The “star” sheep, the “car” sheep, the “slide” sheep & of course the “band” sheep.  Such a fun way to develop early language & literacy skills.

4. Make sheep puppets –  For a pre kindy & older age group, these puppets could be included as part of a story basket or a small worlds tray.

5. Book Week Costume –  Last year I went to book week as the Green Sheep, as did two of my toddlers!!  (It was a favourite book last year too!).   So many great sheep costume ideas to be found here

This years Book Week theme is “Curious creatures, Wild minds”.  Resources can be found here.   I’m thinking our green sheep was quite a curious creature, so maybe I’ll dust my costume off again this year & find a nice tree to fall asleep under!


Now I’d love to know if your class or family love this Mem Fox book as much as we do?  Or maybe you prefer another book? Feel free to email me  – hello@craftylittlefolk.com.


Jasmine xx

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