What’s A Gardening Growing Zone?

Find out your growing zone

What’s A Gardening Growing Zone?

It’s an exciting day today!! 

The first episode from Little Garden Club was released today over on Crafty Little Folks You Tube channel

In this Episode 1, I share 3 tips for new gardeners.

Tip Number 2, is finding out what your gardening/growing/climate zone is.

Now you may have heard of the terms “tropical, sub-tropical or temperate” when gardening experts describe different areas throughout Australia & the world.   

I live in Central Queensland & if you look on these handy maps over at Gardening Australia you’ll see that I live in a Sub-tropical zone.  When we lived up on Cape York Peninsula, we lived in a Tropical zone & our eldest daughter who lives in Melbourne’s zone is Temperate.   What zone do you live in?

  You can also see a World Gardening Zone map here.

Now if you google “growing/ climate zones” you’ll probably come across a mixture of slightly different material & terminology.  It can get somewhat confusing if you’re new to learning about gardening zones!!!   

Don’t stress, I have a basic user friendly guide below –  But first “Why do we even need to know this???”

Knowing your gardening zone will help you – 

  • Select the right plants for your area.  Online plant shopping is so much fun, but without the correct knowledge you may be purchasing the wrong plants.
  •  to grow within your seasons.  For example – Here in the subtropics, our main growing season for vegetables is through our mild dry winters.   Our daughter in Melbourne grows through spring & summer.
  • learn more about your weather patterns including rainfall & temperatures.

Planting zones in Australia

  • TROPICAL  – Hot Wet Summer, Warm winter
  • SUBTROPICAL – Hot wet summer, mild winter
  • TEMPERATE- Dry Warm Summer, Cold Wet Winter
  • COOL- Mild summers, Cool Frosty Winters
  • ARID- Hot Dry Summer, Mild to Cool Winter

So once you know what your growing zone is, we can start to build a suitable plant list & a loose schedule of what to plant when depending on your regions weather patterns.   

Over the next couple of months we’ll start to delve into these areas more, so you can be confident in what to grow when,  creating a special  garden space at your place or centre.

Now I’d love to know what zone you’re in?  Are there any seasons you love or struggle with?  Share below or send me an email to hello@craftylittlefolk.com

Jasmine xx

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