Support Independent Skills In Your Children

Support Independent Skills In Your Children.

Gosh, I remember those busy mornings with young children trying to get everyone out the door.  Some days I wanted to cry it was so stressful! Then my organised husband started creating systems or “homes” for the girl’s belongings & our mornings improved tenfold.  The girls rose to the challenge,  the morning chaos only surfaced occasionally & they started to take pride in caring for their possessions.

Fast forward a couple of decades & I’m now an Early Childhood Educator in the Pre-Kindy room.  The children in my care are 3-4yrs & I can happily say, they love having some control over their life & belongings.  Supporting them in developing self-discipline skills creates self-esteem & independence plus it’s wonderful to hear “I did it Jaz” ringing around the room as they hang their hats & put their shoes at their bag.

Tips for fostering independence

  • Most children thrive with routine, boundaries & consistency.  Be clear with your expectations.
  • Chose a home for their belongings & stick to it.  Eg Hats on the hatrack, shoes on your bag & water bottles on the shelf.  Try not to change it up too much as the children will get confused.
  • Explain & demonstrate where items live & how they can easily locate them when needed.
  • Gently remind your children if they get distracted & know you will need to call them back if they’ve forgotten.
  • Make sure you commend the children when they remember.  These are important daily life skills they are learning from a young age.  Encouragement will keep them focused on the task.
  • And of course lead by example – You can’t expect your children to be organised if you’re not. It’s much simpler to achieve than you might think!!

Our Pre-Kindy children have gained so much confidence in their transition times.  Knowing to hang their hats & place their water bottles on the shelf prepares them for the morning ahead. 

And this system can transfer to home life as well through consistent repetition & gentle support; your children will amaze you with their independent skills.


I’d love to know how you support your children to become more independent. 

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Jasmine xxx

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