Sticky Walls – An Evolving Activity
Sticky Walls – An Evolving Activity

Go on, make a sticky wall

What is a sticky wall anyway?

Sticky walls – an evolving activity and an interactive resource created with sticky “contact” paper used to cover books. 

The contact paper is attached to a wall (or my favourite place is a glass door) sticky side out!  Then an assortment of elements e.g. leaves, wool or tissue paper are offered to create a learning activity.

You can keep your sticky walls simple or get super creative and be led by your children’s age and current interests.


    • Wrangling contact paper can sometimes be challenging once the lining paper is removed.  My tip is have your sticky tape ready and peel back only the top few centimetres and attach to your wall or door first before removing more paper.
    • I love using glass doors for sticky walls as you can paint (with washable acrylics only) the glass behind the sticky contact paper and you won’t peel any wall paint off when the contact paper is removed.
    • Sticky walls are wonderful for developing your children’s fine motor skills and concentration and a great way to express their creativity.
Sticky Walls – An Evolving Activity
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Paint your hungry caterpillar on the window with removable, washable acrylic paint.  Cover with contact paper, sticky side out & tape down the edges with clear tape.  Print off coloured foods and laminate.  Cut out and place in a basket with leaves for the children to feed to the caterpillar.
  • Beep, Beep!  Cars and roads. Make your road out of black craft paper, tape to the window and cover with contact paper, sticky side out.  These foam cars and road were perfect to add on and created lots of imaginary play.
  • Earth Day. Paint an earth onto your glass door & while wet ,cover with contact paper sticky side out.  If the circle of contact is completely sealed with the sticky tape, your paint will stay wet creating an unmoving texture underneath.  Print off animal photos and laminate. Cut out and add them to your earth, trying to match up animals and their continent.
  • Easter bunnies. Cut out your bunnies in brown paper and add a cheeky face with textas.  Cover bunnies with contact paper sticky side out and create a selection of elements your children can add to their bunnies.  We used pompom wool, cotton wall balls and cardboard easter eggs the children had decorated.
Sticky Walls – An Evolving Activity

Now I’d love to know if you have tried sticky walls. What other ideas have you got for themed walls? 

As always if you have any questions or suggestions about sticky walls – an evolving activity or anything else, please send them through to

Happy sticking! 


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Jasmine xx
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