Sew Vintage Style Bunny Ears

Sew Vintage Style Bunny Ears

Celebrate Easter With Imaginary Play

You’ll have a bunch of little bunnies hopping around your room before you know it!!!

These sweet bunny ears are a great way to use up fabric scraps & are really quick to whizz up.  As usual, I encourage you to make at least 3 at a time (in a production line style).   


  • A sewing machine is fine for this activity, however if you can get your hands on an overlocker/serger, you’ll create your ears WAY faster!
  • Op shops or family members are great sources of free or cheap fabric.  (If you’re not already a fabric hoarder that is!)  


  • Cotton fabric cut into 6 – 12cm x 50cm rectangles (3 pairs) plus offcuts
  • Polyester sewing thread 
  • Pins, a sewing needle & pincushion
  • 3 x fabric covered headbands
  • Plastic covered gardening wire – 2.5mm (available at bargain shops)


  • Printer
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Overlocker/serger or sewing machine 
  • Iron



  • Gather all materials and tools together.
  • Download and print the Easter bunny ears template. Cut out paper template.
  • Fold the matching fabric rectangles in half, with one inside the other.  Pin template on top of the fabric (as per the photo), making sure the straight edge is on the fold.
  • Cut out 3 pairs of ears with fabric scissors.  You should have 6 pieces in total.  3 pairs, 2 of each fabric.
  • Turn your fabric ear shapes right sides together (this means the inside of the fabric should be facing out). Pin together.
  • Using your overlocker or sewing machine, join one whole side of your ears together.
  • Sew down the remaining side of your ears, making sure you leave a gap of 4cm in the middle unsewn. This gap is where your ears will be turned out.
  • Gently push your shape right side out through the gap, creating the finished shapes as in photo 8. Iron your ears flat to create a tidy seam edge.
  • Bend your wire into two ears shapes as in photo 9. Twist the wire and join together making sure the wire is not poking out.
  • Once you’re happy with your wire shape, use fabric off cuts, approx 4cm x 10cm to wrap around the wire join for extra padding and helping to secure the wire in place. With a needle and thread, stitch the fabric cover closed.
  • Slip the wire into the opening, bending to get both sides in. Manipulate the wire until you’re happy it’s in evenly.
  • Again with a needle & thread stitch the opening closed. Your wire should now be enclosed in your fabric ears.
  • 13. Time to add your bunny ears to your fabric covered headbands. (It’s getting exciting now hey!)
  • 14. Fold wired ears over to make a circle as in photo 14.
  • 15.Now tie in a loose knot, making sure your ears are even on each side.
  • 16. Slide your loose knot over the fabric headband. Position in the middle of your headband.
  • Pull your knot as tight as you can, making sure the ears are an even length and in the middle of your headband.
  • With your needle and thread sew your ears to your headband with several stitches back and forth through the fabric on the headband.
  • Wahoo your headband is complete!! Go you, aren’t they so sweet!
  • Find a little human bunny to wear your headband and start the Easter games and play!


  • Combine your ears with simple face painting of a nose and some whiskers.  Give the children the choice of what colour they would like their nose and whiskers. Let them watch in a mirror as you paint their face, or if they are old enough, let them paint themselves!
  • Have the children wear the ears as you go on an Easter egg hunt.  Hopping around the room or garden, making bunny noises and scratching our ears.
  •  The Kiboomers Youtube channel have lots of fun Easter songs for fun bunny dancing.  

 Feel free to email me if you have questions or suggestions for this or any other activity.  I’d love to hear about your little bunnies.  


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