Science Week

Science Week is here again in Australia which is super exciting!!.  We’ve set our Science Table early (as I’m away on Annual Leave)  & I know our children & team will love to spend two weeks exploring the experiences we have planned.

I’ve created a free Science PDF as part of our Crafty Little Educators Facebook Membership Group & you can download it below to use in your room & centre.
Our Pre-Kindy children are really enjoying choosing experiences, so there’s four double sided recipe cards you can create by printing & glueing onto cardboard. 
Then offer the cards to your class to choose the experience for the day ahead.    
I can’t wait to see the Lava Lamp Jars experience photos. 
(I’ll have a peak on Storypark during my holiday)
As part of the Science Pack you’ll also find a cute pack of science equipment flash cards. 
Do you remember using a bunsen burner in High School Science??? 
How fun was it!
Plus I created Science Week bunting & wall graphics.  Please feel free to share these resource with your team.  
Happy Science Week!!!

I’d LOVE to see your beautiful Science Week setups, please tag me on Instagram @crafty.little.educators.

If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to know more about Crafty Little Educators Facebook Membership Group, please drop me a line on my socials or to


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