Play Trays


Play Trays

Hand-painted play trays with matching hand-made calico bags and book of ideas.

Foster your child’s imagination and creativity with simple tray activities encouraging play.

Available in three luscious colours from Porter’s Paints – Baby Doll Pink, Bay Leaf Green and Hampton’s Blue.

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Play Trays

Play trays are such a great way to present activities and experiences to our little ones. They are perfect for hours of fun sensory, messy or imaginative play. 

Simple activities that are presented on a play tray invite the natural curiosity of kids and toddlers to explore, discover and learn, fostering their creativity and imagination.

Your play tray can host themed play such as a farm, ocean or bush. It can be the perfect container for sand, water or messy play and crafting. The uses for play trays are only limited by your imagination!

Keep your little ones entertained and focused with their favourite type of play and have everything contained within the tray for minimal mess and fuss!

Play trays make beautiful birthday gifts for your special little people. 

The play trays are made from sturdy iron sheet with wood handles and are hand-painted by us with stylish Porters Paints. You have a choice of three colours: Baby Doll Pink, Bay Leaf Green and Hampton’s Blue. 

Each tray comes in a hand-made calico bag with matching cords, so you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Also included with your play tray set is a 12 page coloured book of play tray ideas and resources, plus a mini jar of touch up paint for when it starts to get worn and loved.

Dimensions of the trays: 45cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 10.3cm (D)



Please note that play tray sets do not come with the accessories as shown in the images – these are suggestions for play.


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Babydoll PInk, Bayleaf Green, Hampton's Blue