Planting easter grass eggs


Do you remember growing grass heads at school? How quickly did your seed sprout and then like magic there was a little plant!
Well these little grass eggs are super speedy too! If you’de prefer you could use actual eggshells. We have a child with an egg allergy in our room,  so I was stoked to find these sweetly coloured speckled plastic eggs to use instead.  (Of course, this activity isn’t just for Easter time either)

Grow your own grass Easter eggs


  • 6 x plastic eggs, with a drainage hole in the bottom, plus egg carton
  • 3 x TBLspn grass seeds
  • 1 x small bowl potting mix or garden soil
  • Gardening gloves, children’s & adults
  • Art smocks or messy clothes


  • Pointy nose scissors
  • Plastic spoon
  • Small jug of water
Easter grass eggs


  1. Gather all materials & tools together.
  2. Prepare a messy space for the activity, either outside or at a small table.  Set up materials.
  3. Invite the children to join the table & pop the gardening gloves & art smock on.
  4. Explore the materials with the children, keeping the conversation age appropriate.  Explain the process of planting to the children.  ‘First we add soil, then seeds & then a little more soil.  Then we water our seeds’.
  5. Using the spoon, encourage the children to take their time to 2/3rd fill the egg with potting mix.  Watch their concentration in this activity.
  6. Add 1/2 tspn of grass seeds on top of soil. Next cover the seed with a teaspoon of soil & pat down. Hooray your seeds are planted!
  7. Gently water in your seeds and place in a well lit spot like a window sill, ( but not in full sun).
  8. Keep soil moist & within 3-4 days your first shoots should be showing.  In 7 days your grass eggs should be 5cm tall.

Extending on this activity –  

  • Extend on learning about plant anatomy – seeds, roots. leaves
  • Decorate each eggs with a cute face & gift to families for Easter 
  • Cut grass & add to small worlds trays for a sensory experience 
  • Cut grass & create nature collage artwork
  • If your centre or family have chickens, a worm farm or guinea pigs, grass can be fed to our animals.

Remember if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about the activities, please contact me.  I’d love to hear from you.  


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