Nature Confetti
Nature Confetti Easy Craft Activity Toddler Preschool Kindy

Making nature confetti is a fun, eco-friendly activity you can do outdoors in the fresh air with your little folk.

“Ohhh  look at this one!”  I recently took our nieces to a lovely coastal park for a play.  Both girls love exploring nature and together we decided to collect some fallen leaves. 

There were so many colours and shapes to explore with them. After morning tea I pulled out a few of my paper shape punchers. 

There were gasps!!  “What are thooose Aunty!?”  I showed the girls how to slide the leaf into the opening and push down and “magic” happens with a cut out shape appears in our leaf and another held with in the belly of the punch. 

Well that was it!  They were punching leaves like there was no tomorrow, noticing the different textures and patterns as they worked!!

Nature Confetti Easy Craft Activity Toddler Preschool Kindy

If making nature confetti is an experience you’d love to try, paper punches or craft punches are available from craft and department stores. 

I do have some similar to these ones from Kmart. My 5yr old niece could manipulate these quite ok, though they do take quite a bit of finger and thumb strength.   

Spotlight sell an ‘easier to use’ version with the Fiskars range.  My 3 yr old niece could easily push these punches with a larger lever and was so satisfied when creating, “Look star leaves Aunty!”   

(Speaking of leaves, look at these gorgeous punches from Lia Griffith)

Tips for great confetti

  • Choose freshly fallen leaves if possible.  Depending on the type of leaf, some very dried leaves will fall apart upon punching.  They need to be still quite soft and flexible.  (please note – some plants are very poisonous, so be aware of what plants in your region can be harmful)
  • Leaves that are quite flat will slide into the punch much easier.  Make it a game, “Let’s find some flat as pancake leaves!”
  • Having a table to place your punches on, so your children just need to slide the leaf in and press from above may help the younger ones apply the right amount of pressure.  Crafting with your little people around a table is also one of life’s joys!
  • Older children 5yr+ will likely be able to create nature confetti independently.  Younger children will need more support with manipulation.


  • A selection of age appropriate shape punches
  • A collection of different flat leaves
  • A bowl for your shapes
Nature Confetti Easy Craft Activity Toddler Preschool Kindy


  1. Go for a wander in nature and collect a selection of flat, coloured leaves.  Take the opportunity to observe the trees and plants the leaves have fallen from. Trees are amazing right!?


    (As mentioned before -please note – some plants are very poisonous, so be aware of what plants in your region can be harmful)

  2. Once you have a lovely collection of leaves, set to work with your little people punching shapes.  Slide leaves into punches and press down.  Alternate between punches if the children are in a “taking turns “mood.
  3. Continue on making shapes and filling your bowl with sweet natural confetti.  Side note: after my nieces had finished and headed to the park swings, I continued on making confetti, there is something so satisfying/ meditative about confetti making!
Nature Confetti Easy Craft Activity Toddler Preschool Kindy

Extending on experience

  1. Creating a collage with your confetti Using gluesticks, let your children cover a small gift box or card with nature confetti.
  2. Using stencils and glue. Match confetti shape with the same stencil shape.
  3.  Sticky wall. Ok, so throwing confetti is seriously fun, so throw or blow confetti onto a sticky  wall.
  4. Create sun catchers with contact paper, paper plates and leaf confetti.
  5. Preserve your “holey leaves” by laminating and exploring textures and shapes with a light box.

Making nature confetti is fun!  So fun that I now carry a couple of  shape punches in my handbag.    

Who needs lip gloss when you can make confetti right!!??!   

Have you made confetti?  I’d love to know!

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Jasmine xx

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