Get Organised & Crafty This Christmas
Get Crafty and Organised This Christmas Printable Christmas Planner

Lets celebrate this year's special people!

Get Crafty and Organised This Christmas Printable Christmas Planner

Welcome to your Christmas gift mini class.  We are going to get organised & crafty this Christmas!!  Before you know it you’ll be showering the special people in your life with super cute Christmas gifts.  

Step 1 –  Download & print your “Fancy Christmas List” by clicking on the button below.

Step 2 – Watch a brief video tutorial on how to use the list & begin creating your crafty basket.

Step 3 – Take some time to reflect on your year & who really made a difference to your 2021.  Who would you like to be able to give a small (but super cute handmade gift) to & say “Thanks for being a star”?. Ask your family who they would like to include on the list.  Use the examples on the list as a prompt.  And of course this list can be added to over the next couple of weeks.  Don’t stress, “You’ve got this!”

Step 4 – Start to assemble your crafty gift basket.  Raid the cupboards & gather all of your goodies ready for the next step.

You’ll find your crafty basket list on the third page of your Fancy Christmas List.

Step 5 – Get ready for some crafty fun!  We are going to create cute things together & you’ll be able to spread lots of love & appreciation around this Christmas! 💕

Ready to get organised & crafty this Christmas?

If you have any questions or issues, I’d love to hear from you

Big crafty hugs.

Jasmine xx

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