Create Trees With Texture Stamps
Create Trees With Texture Stamps Painting Activity Toddler Preschool Kindy

Create Trees With Texture Stamps

Trees provide endless options for play, adventure and crafts. This tutorial will show you how to create trees with texture stamps. 

Have you noticed how much children love trees? Our youngest daughter even has a favourite tree on the way into town. She named it “David” after David Attenborough.  

My co-educator Helena created this fun activity for our toddlers.


  1. Let the children choose the paint colours for their trees.  
  2. With any stamping activity, I find using the paint sparingly creates more texture.  Too much paint creates big blobs.
  3. Scrunching up the paper to create the stamps is part of the activity. If you can, involve the children in each step of the process, let them scrunch away!

Materials Needed

  • Tree template  (PDF download below)
  • A selection of acrylic paints
  • Paint trays (we use recycled, clean food trays)
  • Waxed baking paper or any scrap paper you can scrunch into a ball


  1. Print the tree trunk template (PDF download below) or draw your own trunk. If your children are older they may want to draw their own trunk.
  2. Let the children choose the colours for their stamps.  Add two colours to each tray.  Keeping the colours separate will keep the colours fresh, though mixing colours is also fun.
  3. Choose the paper to make the stamps and encourage the children to scrunch it into a loose ball.  Make one for each colour.
  4. Let the children choose a tree trunk page.  Notice the shape and together name the parts of the tree.  The roots, bark, trunk and branches.  Ask the children “What’s missing?”  The leaves & flowers!
  5. Invite the children to add leaves and flowers to their tree with the paint stamps.  Notice the colours mixing together as the paint blends.
  6. Hang your tree on the wall, you can even give it a name if you like!


 Extending on the experience

  • Create different leaf brushes and stamp paint onto your tree
  • Add small leaves to the trees with glue or tape
  • Study different types of trees in your yard or home
  • Create a tree cut out and head outside for fun observations
  • Learn more about the different parts of a tree

Now I’d love to know if you had a favourite tree as a child?  Do you have any trees in your area that you think are special?


You can find my ready-made craft kits for purchase here.

Jasmine xx

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