Create Christmas Vouchers

We are in the last stretch now as we slide into Christmas 2021!  What a weird & wonderful year it’s been.

So many people I know have beautiful new born babies or have had major life changes & with that comes the need for extra support. I have the perfect gift for them!!  And my beautiful nieces & nephews are already loaded with toys, so part of my gift to them this year is a book of vouchers! 

These are so easy to make up & you can download & print my voucher PDF below.  I’ve selected postcard size in my paper when I printed them.

  1. Download & save the voucher PDF.
  2. Do a test print first.  Select colour & I chose postcard size for printing.
  3. Print off desired amount.  I did a 5 in each booklet & 6 booklets all up, so I printed 30.
  4. Cut to size.  I used a guillotine & then staple twice.
  5. Be creative & personal when writing your vouchers!!  What would they LOOOOOOVE?!?! (some ideas below)


Voucher Ideas for New Mummas

  • Do ALL of your washing, folded & put away
  • Pick up your groceries & cook dinner while you have a bath
  • Take the children out for the whole morning
  • Send you & your partner on a date night
  • Bring a pile of magazines & favourite treat

Voucher Ideas for children

  • Go to the beach then fancy ice cream
  • Go on a park crawl & vote which one was best
  • Visit an animal park or museum
  •  Visit a waterslide & then eat hot chips
  • Buy nail polish & have a pamper day
  • Do a bake day & fill the freezer
  • Play board games
  • Put on a dancing concert
  • Play really good hide & seek.
  • Go op shopping

Voucher Ideas for Blokes & Neighbours & anyone really

  • Wash your car till its shiny
  • Mow your lawn  & do the edging
  • Cook you big breakfast
  • Bring beers when your favourite game is on
  • Don’t tease you when your team loses
  • Send you & partner on date night

So I hope you have a lovely relaxing Christmas full of meaningful times.  We’re taking a short break, but will be back Mid – January with lots more fun.  Thanks again for being part of the wonderful Crafty Little Folk community.  

Jasmine xx

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