Create Christmas Gift Jars
Create Christmas Gift Jars Crafty Little Folk Recycled Jars Christmas gifting budget

Upcycle cute gift jars

So sweet (& so cheap to make!) Create Christmas gift jars to spread a little cheer.

Giving gifts is so fun right!!  Bringing a little handmade something with you when you visit friends is the best feeling & it’s always really appreciated.  So here is my no- fail handmade gift hack & a perfect way to upcycle empty jars.


  • Collect jars & run through the dishwasher. (This often helps with removing the labels when the jars are hot from the wash).
  • Alternatively you can purchase clean or new jars from the Opshop or department stores.
  • Washi tape can also be bought from any large department store or craft shop.


  1. Clean dry jars
  2. A selection of washi tape
  3. A clean tea towel



  1. Place the clean tea towel down on your table & lie your first jar down.
  2.  Starting with your bottom layer of washi tape, gently but firmly wrap the tape around the jar.  Tear the tape with a 1cm overlap.
  3. Make sure the tape is straight, then run your fingers around the tape to help it stick.
  4. Repeat with another type of cute tape, starting & ending at the same spot.  Smaller jars will only need two layers of tape, but the larger jars will look great with three different tapes.
  5. Repeat on all remaining jars, mixing it up with different  combinations.  Our aim is not perfection, but fun.  Stay curious & let your creativity guide you.
  6. How sweet do they all look together!!  Now for the extra fun part, filling them with goodies!!


Here’s a few ideas of how to fill your jars – 

  • Flowers & or herbs from your garden
  • Homemade treats – Rumballs, shortbread, flavoured nuts etc
  • Bought chocolates, snacks-eg pretzels 
  • Bath salts & body rubs.
Create Christmas Gift Jars Crafty Little Folk Recycled Jars Christmas gifting budget

Create Christmas gift jars and then pop in a cute bag & have them in a basket ready for grab & go!

These jars are also perfect for gift giving all year round & a wonderful way to teach your children to upcycle & give handmade gifts.


Jasmine xxx

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