Create a Kindness Tree
Create a Kindness Tree Craft Ideas for Kids

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This year to celebrate Valentine’s Day 💖 on the 14th February as well as lead into Random Acts of Kindness Day,  on the 17th, we created a very special Kindness Tree.  Now I found this beautiful idea on Pinterest over at Natural Beach Living and knew our children would really enjoy the experience.  

Create a Kindness Tree


    1. Prepare your children for the activity with discussions about friendship & kindness.  Share real life stories.
    2. Read your children’s favourite books on the subject.
    3. Compliment your children when they are showing kindness, encourage them to also acknowledge caring behaviour.



  • Branches – gather a large bunch with lots of smaller branches
  • A sturdy vase
  • Paper to stuff into the vase to hold the branches in place
  • Jute string or fishing line
  • Paper cut into love heart shapes
  • Hole punch
  • Pen & scissors
Create a Kindness Tree



  1. Gather your branches in an appealing bunch, making sure there are plenty of branches facing outwards.
  2. Place in the vase & stuff the paper tightly into the vase to hold the branches in place.
  3. Cut several love hearts out of coloured paper & hole punch at the top.
  4. Ask your children to join you one at a time & open the conversation of kindness & ask if anyone has been kind to them recently?
  5. Give them time to consider the question, prompt them if needed to get them started.
  6. Write down their messages, name & date it if you want to.
  7. Thread string of line through the holes & double knot.  Create a  4cm loop at the top of the string & tie a knot.
  8. Ask your child to add their special message to the kindness tree!


How is our Kindness Tree incorporated into our room or family life?

  • Continue adding to your tree.  If you witness an act of kindness, ask the children if they would like to add it to a branch..
  • Read each heart out semi-regularly or as needed to continue building kindness skills.
  • Share comments from other family members & staff on your tree.

Now I’d love to know if you’ve ever created a kindness tree or maybe a kindness jar?   Did it encourage your children to show greater kindness?  Let me know over at

Jasmine xxx

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