Create a Book Nook for Your Children
Create a Book Nook for Your Children

Create a book nook for your children to enhance learning and a love of reading. 

“A butterfly!” one of our toddlers will announce from the book nook as they turn the final page of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  Delight and joy is shared with their friends as they chat and gesture to each other.

As a total book lover, it warms my heart to see our children enjoying books everyday.  Creating a cosy welcoming space for story time is a great way to encourage language development, early literacy and a life long love of books (making for years of entertainment and learning!)

Create a Book Nook for your Children

How to Make a Cosy Book Nook

What you’ll need –

  • Lots of Books!   From your library, book club or even opshop!  There are so many was to build your library for very little cost or maybe you would like to be part of a monthly book subscriptions like Little Pages.
  • Outward facing bookshelf or basket. Making your books visually appealing and available makes all the difference.  Our children at work seem to love having such a large choice of books and will often start with a favourite book, then work through the others.  It also helps with easy pack away.
  • Cushions and soft flooring.  Along with a cuddly rug and a collection of cushions, we also have a few soft toys in our book nook.  So often I’ll look over to see a child reading a book to a teddy or a collection of teddies  (just like a teacher would.)

Creating a comfy, quiet space for your children to return to day after day is the goal.  I hope this has inspired you to create a book nook for your children. 

Do you love to read books?  Or do you prefer magazines or audiobooks?  Let me know in the comments below or send me an email

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Jasmine xx

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