Crafty Little Educators


Are you an Early Childhood Educator??

I am so happy you have found us! 

Crafty Little Educators is a fun, supportive space for Early Childhood Educators to connect, learn and be inspired. 

Our private online community is full of creative, big-hearted, hard-working Educators who love working with children and as part of a team. 

Are you in the profession because you love making a difference and enjoy spending time with little people? 

Do you also love having a few laughs and finding a bargain! So do we!

Our work can be demanding, exhausting and sometimes lonely as we juggle all the balls every day. We need support and help too!

Crafty Little Educators is all for you. To support you in being the very best Educator you can be.

As well as practical tips and ideas, we also provide community, connection and inspiration. 

Helping you go from overwhelmed to inspired!

What You Can Expect

Crafty Little Educators provides content, inspiration and support for Early Childhood Educators in a private membership group online.

There are daily posts with original activities and ideas and other fantastic resources. We are very interactive and the content functions as a starting point for further conversations, questions and sharing. 

What you will find in the group:

  • Weekly interactive tips (including running a room and personal wellness)
  • Quick tutorials 
  • Monthly live make-alongs (where we make things together)
  • Regular giveaways
  • Sneak peeks into each other’s rooms  
  • A monthly calendar of special events and days
  • Weekly activities including craft, recipes and all sorts of amazing things
  • Fun (and cute) downloadable PDFs for you to print and go
  • Funny memes, interesting articles and inspiration
  • Opportunities to ask questions, chat and get support and advice
  • and so much more!!

Making your job as an Educator easy and fun!

Just $20 a month or $200 a year.

How does it work?

Crafty Little Educators is offered on a subscription basis within a private Facebook group. You can pay monthly or yearly. 

Most of us are on Facebook regularly so this makes it easy to pop in and see what’s happening.

There are posts every day and often several times a day, so there is always something new and fresh to inspire you. 

You can participate and interact as much or as little as you want. You might like to share your ideas, photos and chat or you might like to just watch and use the ideas. It’s up to you!!

We are a very friendly little group and the vibe is relaxed and fun with the main aim to support you in every aspect of your job as an Early Childhood Educator. 

We are all in this together and we all want to create rich, meaningful experiences for our little people. 

Come and join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve kept it super affordable. You can pay $20 per month or $200 per year (saving yourself $40).

For a detailed run through of an average week in Crafty Little Educators, please see the video above where I take you through each day’s highlights.  Not only do you get access to lots of fun bite-size pieces of information, you get to connect with a wonderful community of creative, hardworking Educators who loves to create meaningful experiences for their children while also sharing a few laughs with you.  It’s a fun, positive group!

Our membership group is for Early Childhood Educators in Australia.  If you work in Long Day Centres, Family Daycare, Kindergartens or Playgroups, this group will have lots of inspiring & relevant information for you.

That’s easy! You can cancel at any time. There are no lock-in contracts.  Once your final month is completed you’ll no longer have access to the group.

About Jasmine

I’m Jasmine and I’m passionate about supporting you to provide fun, meaningful child-led experiences in your job as an Early Childhood Educator.

Caring for young children is a big, fun messy job.  Sharing in their growth, watching their personalities develop and building meaningful relationships is such a joy and a privilege.  Creating safe, stimulating environments is also a big job. 

As an Early Childhood Educator myself, I could see there was a need for more support. As well as practical help like ideas for activities, I also felt there was a real need to have a safe space for us to connect and feel seen, heard and appreciated. 

My wish for Crafty Little Educators is to make your job easier, lots of fun and more rewarding. In turn, that support hopefully filters through to our little people and enhances their experiences even more. 

Do you have any questions about Crafty Little Educators? Please email me and let’s chat!

Jasmine xx

Some things to note: 

Crafty Little Educators is offered in a private Facebook group so you will need your own Facebook account to participate. 

After you subscribe, you will receive a welcome email with the link to join our Facebook group. You will need to answer some questions and agree to the group rules before approval.